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Photo Gallery
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Click for larger image The first nice trout I caught with the first bamboo rod I made.  A friend snapped this picture for me with a disposal camera.  The grip and reel seat on this rod are eleven inches long.  How long does that make this little trout? Many people feel that one of the real advantages of bamboo rods is that the dampening effect of bamboo protects light tippets better than many rods made with synthetic components. I'm not sure that's always true, but this fish was caught on a size 18 fly and 6x tippet.

Pulling hard trying to land the brown trout picture above, just below the dam on the White River in Arkansas.  Wish I still had that much hair, and that much color in my beard!
Learning by looking over the shoulder of one of the masters, Dave Whitlock, in a class at the FFF Southern Council Conclave in the early 1990's.  Dave has been a great asset to flyfishers everywhere, and especially those in the southern US.

The inspiration for my orange wraps is these day lillies found along one of the streams where Frank fishes this rod.

I built Roger this seven weight for bass and redfish.  The first fish he managed to catch on it was neither!

Jerry caught this pretty brown with a 7'9" five wieght I made for him.  The rod has a striped maple seat and engraved reel seat hardware, as well as morticed walnut inserts in the swelled butt.

A gorgeous rainbow Jerry caught on the same rod.  He was wearing his lucky Boyd Rod Company cap that day!  BRC caps are for sale, but at $1450+ each, they're rather expensive... until you realize that a custom bamboo rod comes with each cap!

Dale used his hollow built 8' three weight the day after it arrived.  He fished it in the California Heritage Trout Challege and caught six different species of native California trout in six different streams.  Pictured here is a McCloud Redband -- not big, but certainly beautiful.

Another beautiful McCloud Redband...
Garrison 20-
In April 2004 I was privileged to attend the Bamboo Rodmakers Gathering in Merritt, British Columbia.  The information gathered was great, and the friendships made were even better.  Another highlight was the opportunity to cast some great rods by classic and modern makers.  Here I'm pictured letting fly with an original Garrison 209e made by the master himself.

Frank caught this beautiful brookie in the Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia, proving that even pretty rods are meant to be fished.  The brookie seems like a monster for those waters.

My friend Jeff Cascio with a typical Norfork River rainbow.

Another nice Norfork rainbow in Jeff's hands.  Tom Rogers is driving the boat and snapping these pictures.

A Missouri rainbow caught on a 7' 7" two weight.
Click for larger image

Pulling hard on a King Salmon in Alaska's Taluchulitna River.  With me is my step-dad, Jim Crawford, known to many simply as "Big Jim."

There is quite a bend in that nine weight bamboo rod!

A pretty brown from the driftless area of Wisconsin and a 7' 6" four weight I made for Bill.

Just above Moira Creek on the Pecos River in New Mexico I developed a neat little technique that seemed to drive the fish crazy.  I caught fish after fish just like this one that afternoon.
Click for larger image A nice Arkansas rainbow caught on a 7' 6" five weight I made.

A German (literally!) brown caught with one of the rods I made for Dr. K.
Click for larger image Teaching classes at the Federation of Fly Fishers Southern Conclave each year keeps me in touch with many of my customers.

Two more German browns that fell victim to one of the rods I made for Dr. K.
Click for larger image Our guide, Chris, releasing the first King Salmon I caught in Alaska.  His conservative estimate was that the fish weighed 25 pounds.  Though the size of the net appears out of proportion, King Salmon require a net just that large.

Roger standing on an oyster bed casting for reds in the Gulf of Mexico with an 8' seven weight.
One of the nice rainbows from the Lower Mountain Fork River in southeast Oklahoma.  Notice the white tips on the fins?  This fish has been in the river for some time.  The LMF is one of those waters I consider "Home Waters."

Dr. K making long casts and beautiful loops on a stream in Slovenia with an 8' three weight I made.
Click for larger image At my booth in Mountain Home at the FFF Conclave, with friends Ken Cole (facing away) and Neal Hall.  Behind me is Ralph O'Quinn of Trondak U-40.
Click for larger image A beautiful Russian River rainbow in Alaska.  Propped against the tree behind me is my Otter Creek Special. Though no five weight is a match for King Salmon, I caught scores of Alaskan rainbows, grayling, and Dolly Varden on that rod.
Click for larger image A nice rainbow caught on the Norfork River in Arkansas. This is in one of my favorite pools, and while I won't tell you where it is, if we fish together gladly I'll take you there.
Click for larger image Head nets kept away most of the mosquitos in Alaska. I thought our mosquitos were bad in Louisiana till I experienced Alaskan bugs! This little Artic Grayling was the first of only a few we caught
Big Jim
"Big Jim" with a nice Norfork rainbow caught on an Arkansas trip in October 2003.
Click for larger photo A nice Kentucky Smallmouth bass caught in the Spring of 2005 on a Garrison taper rod I built for my friend Bob Wiegers
Click for larger photo
Basye Shuey fishing in Tennessee with the 8' 3 weight rod I built for her in the Fall of 2004.

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