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Photo Gallery
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Page 1 - A gallery of rods
Page 2 - Reel Seats and Fillers
Page 3 - Wraps and Details
Page 4  - Fish and Friends

This is the custom reel seat that I use for all my Custom rods less than 8 foot 6 weights.  Its classic styling reflects both simplicity and functionality.  The wood insert is claro walnut burl.

This is the seat on the trout rod I have  personally fished most for several years, a 7' 6" five weight.  The wood is Carpathian Elm Burl. 

Integrating the wooden reel seat filler into a grip check makes for a nice look.  On this two weight rod with a light Cherry burl reel seat insert the cork grip flows smoothly into the reel seat.  Those who often grip low on the rod find this arrangement comfortable as well as attractive.

Some prefer deeply blued nickel silver hardware on their rods as seen on this 8' three weight.  This wood is a magnificent ash burl.

Stabilized Australlian Fish-tail oak complements the bamboo in theis darkly flamed 7'6" five weight.  My personal tastes tend toward the color of the reel seat insert coordinating with the overall scheme of the rod.  Not everything has to match exactly, but coordinated colors look better to me.

Sometimes the simplest woods make the most striking statements.  This quarter sawn oak seems to change its appearance depending on the angle from which it is viewed.  The golden oak colors complement the very lightly flamed bamboo.

Though I lack the artistic talent to do my own engraving, I contract a few seats each year with one of the country's finest engravers.  This level of work is beyond craft, and is truly art.  Engraved seats like this add approximately $300 to the price of Custom Rods

Engraving  can be used to add a custom touch, like the initials "GKH" added to the butt cap of this seat.  This level of engraving adds about $150 to the cost of the custom rod.

Brilliant burled cherry insert, bright orange wraps, blonde bamboo, and jewelry grade engraving made this an attractive rod.

Perhaps we can call this "Engraving Lite".  Just a touch of engraving to make the rod one-of-a-kind.

Even simple engraving like this adds a note of distinction to custom made rods. This rod was purchased by a former President of the Custom Rodbuilders Guild and uses reel seat hardware from REC.

Bi-color spalted maple adds an unusual look.  I received a nice supply of this type of wood in June 2007 and will be making a few inserts similar to this soon.
My friend Bob Venneri did beautful work for me for several years.  I used many of his seats in my early rod work.  The stabilized black walnut burl is beautiful, though it isn't an insert I made here in the shop.

An unusual Oak burl in a starburst pattern in a reel seat made for me by a my friend Leo Eck in Jacksonville, Arkansas.

Tiger striped maple stains beautifully, highlighting every nook and cranny of its grain. I hand make all the fillers for my reel seats today.

Angle sawn walnut in REC hardware with a pocketed butt cap and a simple slide band.
Click to see larger image A beautiful Bob Venneri reel seat with a bird's eye claro walnut filler, extremely rare.
Crosscut Cherry burl makes a nice seat for lightly flamed rods.
Click to see larger image Maple burl looks nice in this slide band seat made by Bellinger.
Click to see larger image Spalted walnut burl in an REC slide band seat.
Click to see larger image Olive burl gives an interesing look, and it smells wonderful while it is being worked on the lathe.
Click for larger image Some clients prefer screw-locking reel seats on larger rods.  On rods over 8' 6 weight, at the client's request I will use either Bellinger or REC screw-locking hardware. This unusual insert is an Ash burl I turned.

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