One of my popular tapers is my interpolation of the Paul Young Perfectionist which belongs to my friend Sante Guiliani.  The original rod was built for Martha Young and now belongs to Sante.  I fell in love with the original in 2004 when I had a chance to play with it at Grayling, Michigan.  With Sante's permission I measured the taper and have added my own touches over the years.  My version does not have the declining taper below the ferrule that the original does, and I added some to the butt of the rod to help it pick up line off the water with authority.  Those who cast this rod really enjoy it.

This is a seven foot six inch rod for a four weight line.  I needed one to take with me to shows as a demo rod so threw this one together from mismatched bamboo.  It casts beautifully and is quite powerful, but still casts beautifully at 20' and less.

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