2008 seems to have been the year of the three piece rod.  The last nine rods I have made have all been 8 foot three piecer's, from three weights to five weights.  This three piece 8'  five weight is based on my Otter Creek taper.  I built this one for my good friend Dirk, who wrote:


Just wanted to drop you a note saying how much I like the rod you built.  It is far beyond my expectations.  The rod is also the best casting bamboo rods that I have held.  I'll be at the Little Missouri next week to christen it properly.
Lake Charles was very enjoyable.  I finally got to see my new rod, and at the banquet I was shocked to find out that I was receiving the Gulf Coast Coucil FFF Fly Tyer of the Year Award.  They must have been hard up....
Thanks again for the beautiful rod, and finishing it ahead of schedule to boot!
Dirk B.

Completely blonde rods have not been my forte', but I really like this one.  The reel seat hardware is tastefully engraved.  Spalted Maple made a beautiful filler.  Someone who saw these photos pointed out that with a little imagination one can see a baby seal in  wood in the first image!

Translucent antique gold wraps double-tipped scarlet and gold  showcase the Snake Brand agate stripper and guides.  Did you notice the five connected wraps at each end of the signature?  Five wraps on each end means this is a five weight rod.  Four wraps in the rod below means it's a four weight, and so on.

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